Preparatory Event


May 26, 2023

Fabbrica H3,
Giudecca 624-625 Venice (Italy)

*Despite the nationwide transport strike, the event will still take place. If interested but unable to come to Fabbrica H3, subscribe to our Newsletter and stay updated!

Our Ideathon will help you design and sharpen your innovative ideas, while creating synergies among participants, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the formation of strong interdisciplinary teams and prepare them for submission into the MITdesignX Venice program. (Submissions are open  until July 31, 2023)

The working Language is English.

The goal of World Café method is to connect a diverse group of participants so they can share new ideas with one another.   It’s a form of collective brainstorming. Participants who don’t have a clear startup idea or are not already part of a team will be able to forge collaborations for joint ventures.

We are looking for ideas(*) dedicated to solving problems experienced in Venice as well as other coastal and historical cities. To each of the following themes there will be a discussion table assigned and cohordinated by a facilitator:  

Participants who have a well-shaped idea are invited to fill out this form (preview here) in advance (by May 25). The best ideas will be assigned a private corner open for discussions with other participants throughout the event.

All the other participants will be able to join rounds of discussion at each corner. Idea promoters  and facilitators stay at their corners throughout.  Every 30’ participants move to another corner. After 6 rounds (3 hours) all participants come back to plenary. Idea proponents (individuals or teams) & facilitators summarize reshaped ideas and lessons learnt.

SerenDPT will award the best startup idea with a prize: free Full tickets for We Make Future Innovation Festival, June 15-17, 2023 in Rimini.

There are some practical rules that World Café participants must adhere to ensure the success of the event. Our facilitators will be on hand to help guide the entire process.

(*) At MITdesignX Venice, Intellectual Property (IP) is considered the property of the individuals and/or teams. MIT and SerenDPT will not stake IP or patent claims to new ideas developed at MITdesignX Venice.

Agenda of the day

13:30 Registration

14:00 MITdesignX Venice by Fabio Carrera (SerenDPT) - Silvia Pugi (EDEN by IAG Ventures) & Roberto Montandon (StepVenture)

14:30 Rules of the Ideathon - Introduction of facilitators & thematic corners

15:00 Start Rounds of discussion on each corner - (6 sessions, 30’ per session) 

18:00 Idea development - Presentations are finalised

18:30 Roundup of refined ideas by facilitators & idea proponents - Final Q&A - Next steps MITdesignX Venice

19:00 Networking aperitif & Prize for the best idea proponents

Free registration is mandatory. Link to eventbrite.